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Rummy Rules

Rummy Rules

Learn Rummy Rules to Win Rummy

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  • Basic Rules of Playing Indian Rummy

    15 June 2016 ( #Games )

    The only hitch arrives when you do your search for sites that offer instructions on how to play Rummy. You can choose to end the play at your turn if you have formed a valid combination and your unmatched cards total 10 points or less. This is known as...

  • Rummy talent and skill helps you win real cash

    31 August 2017 ( #Rummy, #Rummy Rules )

    Rummy is a card game played by distributing and arranging the cards under some standard rummy rules and conditions. 13 cards Indian rummy is played among individuals through online portals. This can be played for cash utilizing their genuine cash with...

  • How To Win The Game of Rummy When You Are Stuck With A Bad Hand

    17 May 2017 ( #Rummy Tips )

    Winning a game of rummy is the aim of every player who sits on the table with the cards in hand. Unfortunately, if the game starts off with a bad hand, players lose their faith and confidence and from there starts the downhill journey of losing the game....

  • Everything you need to get started with Points Rummy

    21 June 2017

    If T20 is the shortest version of the game of cricket, so is Points Rummy in the case of online Rummy. Since this version of Rummy lasts only for one deal, it gets completed rather quickly than the rest of the Rummy variants. Although most of the rules...

  • 4 Types of Personality, what’s yours?

    19 July 2017

    We live in a world of rules and did you know whether we accept few rules, all rules or none, depends on our personality. This concept applies in playing rummy game rules as well. Rummy is a game of skill, however you need to play by the rules to become...

  • How to avoid accidental discards and focus on your game

    25 October 2017

    One of the common points of irritation for any Indian rummy game player is the accidental card discards. Whether you call it nervousness or restlessness, we sometimes discard cards without thinking it through. If this is one blunder that seems to have...

  • Learn Rules for Rummy, Win Millions of Cash

    19 May 2016 ( #Games )

    Play Online Rummy Rummy is a card game which is famous across the world, In India it is known as Indian rummy or 13 card games. Its causes having been followed around the end of the nineteenth century, the amusement highlights in gambling clubs furthermore...

  • Rules For Winning in Rummy

    06 July 2016 ( #Games, #Rummy, #Rummy Rules )

    It is not very easy to win in a game like Rummy. While there are different types of games in cards, the Rummy is one of the most interesting games in the world. Rummy involves two types of games, one is played by using all jokers and the other one is...

  • Pool Rummy Rules for a Successful Game play

    09 January 2017 ( #Rummy Rules, #Rummy )

    Pool Rummy is one of the most famous rummy variants and also known as organization among rummy circles. This 2-4-6 player game is one of the popular online 13 card game. The two most conventional formats of pool rummy are 101 and 102. 101 Pool Rummy:...