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Rummy Rules

Rummy Rules

Learn Rummy Rules to Win Rummy

Everything you need to get started with Points Rummy

Points Rummy rules

If T20 is the shortest version of the game of cricket, so is Points Rummy in the case of online Rummy. Since this version of Rummy lasts only for one deal, it gets completed rather quickly than the rest of the Rummy variants. Although most of the rules of Rummy game holds good for Points Rummy too, there are a few additional ones which guard this Rummy variant. Now let us look into the rules of this version and how it is won.

Number of players and pack of cards:

This type of Rummy is played with two to six players plus two or more pack of 53 cards including a printed joker per pack.


The game of Points Rummy is played for points having a pre-decided rupee value with each of the players should bring a minimum amount to the table.

Getting started:

The player who makes the first move as well as the dealer is decided by a toss. The person with the highest face value card during the toss makes the move first and the one with the lowest face value is assumed to be the dealer. Each of the players will be dealt with 13 cards just like in any normal Rummy game. While the first card from the pack is kept in the open deck, the remaining cards will be kept face down in the close deck. A random joker card is selected to play the role of a wild card along with the printed joker cards.


The objective of the game is to form at least two sequences, one of which should be a pure one (without a joker card) and the remaining cards should be grouped as sets/sequences.

How to play:

  1. Every player picks up a card from either the open deck or the close deck on turns and discards a card.
  2. This act of picking up and discarding a card should be done within a limited time so allotted, failing which you will be forced to miss a move. Likewise, if a player happens to miss three moves in a row he will be dropped from the game instantly with points equivalent to that of a middle drop.
  3. Barring only a couple of players, if the rest of them get dropped, the match continues between the two till one of them drops the game, leaving the other sealing the win.
  4. If the first card on the open deck is a joker, then only the player making the first move is allowed to use it. No other player can use it to form sequences/sets. If you are beginner of online rummy you can learn how to play rummy by online rummy tutorials

Permissible moves and time:

Each player is allowed only 25 moves to complete the objective of the game and the same should be done within 30 minutes time limit. Once the moves/time limit gets completed, all the players should declare their sequences/sets.

Points for drops:

A player can either drop himself from the game even before the first move is done or anywhere during the middle. While the first drop fetches him only 20 points, a middle drop gives him 40 points.


The declaration is done when a player puts a card in the finished slot by pressing the declare button. He is liable to declare so by showing all the sequences and sets that he has formed. A person who is unable to group sequences and sets within the allotted time is given 80 points and gets dropped from the game.

Scoring system:

The player with zero points is declared the winner and the points of the losers are evaluated by adding the value of each of the cards that he holds. While all the high value cards i.e. A, K, Q, J carry 10 points each, the numbered cards carry points same as their face value. A joker card, however, carries zero points.

Winning value:

The winner’s value is calculated thus:

Winning value = (Total points of all losing players x Points value) – RummyCircle fees

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