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Rummy Rules

Rummy Rules

Learn Rummy Rules to Win Rummy

Pool Rummy Rules for a Successful Game play

Pool Rummy is one of the most famous rummy variants and also known as organization among rummy circles. This 2-4-6 player game is one of the popular online 13 card game. The two most conventional formats of pool rummy are 101 and 102.

101 Pool Rummy:

  1. The winner of this game is the player with a lowest score when the game ends.
  2. Players can select a Drop from the game, but the penalty forced for drops include first drop (20 points) and middle drop (40).
  3. An overall count in 101 Pool Rummy is of eighty points.
  4. The first hand show will be of forty points.
  5. To have a winning show, it is compulsory to have minimum two life, out of which one should be pure life.
  6. Player who is creating a genuine show will get zero points.
  7. The point for every other player is regarded as increasing the values of their dead wood cards in hand.
  8. Players may rejoin the game after being eliminated. On the other hand, rejoining is only possible if a person’s score with different players at the table is less than seventy nine points.
  9. Once a player’s score comes at 101 points or above that, the player is eliminated from extra round and he has to leave the table.

201 Pool Rummy:

  1. A player with the lowest score in the end would be considered winner of the game.
  2. Players may get benefit of taking a Drop, however drop includes penalty, which is 1st Drop (25 points) and Middle Drop includes (50 points).
  3. Player gets eighty points on an overall count in pool 201 rummy game.
  4. Players will get maximum forty points if the first hand show is declared.
  5. To create a winning show in pool rummy 201, it is required for a player to have minimum two life, out of which one has to compulsorily be a pure series.
  6. Zero points are obtained by a player who makes a genuine show.
  7. The point for all players is counted by increasing the values of their dead wood cards.
  8. Players can join the game once more after being eliminated. In addition, joining once more is only possible if the individual score of other players is less than 174 points.
  9. Once the individual score of a player is 201 points or above it, the player is eliminated from additional rounds and has to leave the table.

At last, all other usual and widely practiced rules of 13 cards rummy game are relevant to this game.

If you also want to play pool rummy, then first we suggest you read this Rummycircle review for more details about the game.

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malathi 04/21/2017 10:22

As i am new player trying to know about the pool rummy. Randomly found your article which is informative. Its good to know about the rules of pool rummy,and i hope it will help me out while playing pool rummy online.I prefer to play in https://www.silkrummy.com/

swapna reddy 04/20/2017 10:42

I'm fairly new to rummy 13,while searching for rummy card game just came across your site found informative.13 Card Rummy is the most popular version of rummy by far. It is easy to play as you deal with making sets and sequences within the thirteen cards.as you mentioned in the above your each tip is useful and can be implemented